Grasp the implementation, seeking a breakthrough, seeking development

 A year's plan starts with spring. In the face of severe and complicated operation situation of the company and the pressure head of the objectives and tasks, we should closely focus on key projects to the annual focus of the work on the painting a road map, given time, concentrate and development, tackle tough catch propulsion.

One is to clear the responsibility to implement. The best plan, but also by the implementation of landing, local departments in charge of the party is crucial link, each department to control the special plan, calibration department plan, the tasks of fine realistically catch, decomposition of the implementation to the teams and groups, individuals, achieve goals, task schedule, time, "clear". To implement the responsibility system, a package in the end, a catch in the end, step by step to promote, one by one to carry out, one by one to promote the completion of.

Two is to innovate ideas to grasp the implementation. The crux to "make good use of the brain", more is in the difficult and heavy task, the greater the need there is a clear mind, more need the confidence and determination; to fight abandoned step by step "old routine, is good at pondering the question, problem analysis, find a job, and the innovation of the" new ideas ". To be good at the "heart", in the face of the new situation and new tasks and new problems, with an open mind to learn good experience with others, good occasion to leveraging, break the routine, innovation initiatives, solving the problem to achieve a breakthrough. To be good at "force", found the key point of the problem, starting from the key work, Jin Qiao, should.

Three is to change the style of work to implement. One level with a dry, one to look at the level of. Party members and cadres to take the lead, the staff consciously follow up, and strive to create a good atmosphere for doing things in good atmosphere.

Four is to unite and cooperate to grasp the implementation. Plan completed rely on their joint force and departments must clear division of labor, but also complement each other support, to ensure the overall work in unison, rapid implementation. The responsibilities of each cross work to strengthen communication and exchanges, do not shuffle, without delay, do not delay the timing of development, go all out to complete the task.

Five is to strengthen supervision and implementation. To strictly supervise examination, layers of pressure transmission, to further improve the supervision mechanism, adhere to the director of management way, inspector assessment to the forced execution, drives the execution, strengthen the assessment of the results of the use of special programs to ensure that pieces of a landing, everything has an echo.

Time will not wait for me., seize the day. Let us more pragmatic style, more innovative ways, more powerful measures, carefully planned, go all out, quickly reverse the adverse situation, and jointly promote the work to achieve a new breakthrough.

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