Explosion-proof Air-Foil-Bearing Centrifugal Blower

Explosion-proof Air-Foil-Bearing Centrifugal Blower

Product details

Explosion-proof Air-Foil-Bearing Centrifugal Blower

is our agent product produced by South Korea SeAH Engineering. SeAH Group was founded in 1960, with 48 subcompanies, 90,000 million USD turnover in 2014. SeAH Engineering, that was established in 1987,is a subcompany of SeAH Group. SeAH Engineering specializes in producing centrifugal compressors and blowers. Our agent product, Air-Foil-Bearing centrifugal blower is advanced in design and stable in technology. It has the following features:

The most cost effective energy-saving technology, reduce energy consumption.

l The optimal core technology combination of air foil bearing, motor and impeller provides stable and reliable performance.

l VFD controlling the motor speed reduces energy consumption and improves efficiency.

Providing all-in-one packages of what you want

l Realizes integrated system (built-in PLC,VFD).

l The most advanced custom design with no accessory equipment,saves your money and time.

Quiet and comfortable working environment

l 100 percent oil-free system, no worry about loss and cost increase due to oil contamination.

l  Low noise(less than 80dB(A)), low vibration, no need to provide foundation, working environment comfortable.

Low maintenance cost

l Easy to change parts, convenient to use.

l Easy and convenient maintenance, reduces the cost and time, improves the operation efficiency.

Energy saving reduces cost.

l Energy-saving amount reaches to 20%-50%.

l VFD being applied to adjust the motor speed according to capacity, saves energy and recoups the investment in 2-3 years.