Axial flow fan

Axial flow fan

Product details

T35-11 Axial Fans

T35 axial fan is used to replace 30K4 fan. By model test and comparing with the like products from other countries, we determined the profile of impeller and hub(cylindrical), modified the motor, reduced the flow loss of fan, so, improved the fan efficiency to 77% if calculated by area of circle, and 89.5% if calculated by area of annulus. The fan blades are strengthened so that they are not easy to break.The fan noise is reduced 3.6dB.

The gas that go into the T35 fans should not be corrosive, dusty, and its temperature can not exceed 40℃.

T40 Axial Fans

T40 axial fans can be used to ventilate the factories, ware houses, offices and buildings, or help heat dissipation. If you remove its casing, then you can use it as air fan. In a long pipe, fans can be installed in series to increase the air pressure in the pipe.

T4-72 Centrifugal Fans

T4-72 centrifugal fans can be used in ventilation.

Places: fans can be used to ventilate factory or large buildings.

Medium: air or other gas without flammability, harm for human being or corrosiveness for steel.

Impurity in medium: No stickum in medium, content of impurity can not exceed 150mg/m3.

Temperature: can not exceed 80℃.

№3~6 fans: the outlet mounting angles range from 0°to 225°with an interval of 45°. A drive. Each fan consists of impeller, casing, inlet, equipped with a motor.

№7~12 fans: the angles of discharge are 0°,90°,180°. C drive, clockwise or counterclockwise. Each fan consists of impeller, casing, inlet, drive device.

The impeller is made up of 10 backward blades, tapered wheel cap and flat wheel disc, they all are made of steel. Due to static&dynamic balance, the impeller is of stable operation, high efficiency and low noise.

The casing of №3~12 fans can not be divided, the casing of №14~20 fans can be divided into two halves with bolt connection.

The undivided inlet is installed at the side of casing to let gas go into the impeller smoothly with a small loss.

The drive device consists of shaft, bearing housing, rolling bearings and sheave.