TAR series double level Roots blower

TAR series double level  Roots blower

Product details

TAR series double stage blower

Product features

TAR series double stage blower is our company widely absorbs the latest international advanced technology and design optimization. Among them, the small models for TAS, the use of three leaf type, in the large TAR, two leaf type. General double - class models are generally used for conveying clean air, such as through the sealing structure, material and other appropriate changes, but also can be used to transport a variety of industrial gases, to meet the different types of industrial use.

forced gas, flow with the pressure becomes small, the outlet pressure is determined by the back pressure, and the transport of gas from oil pollution.

double stage series, high efficient intermediate cooling, high pressure, low energy consumption, running more stable and reliable.

host special noise reduction design, low noise.

imported technology, key parts imported processing center, the main components of high precision, long service life, high reliability.

structure is simple and compact, easy to use and maintain.

pressure, temperature control, to provide the unit operation protection.

Flow: 0.63-428m3/min, pressure: 98-196kPa

Product use

TAR series standard type roots blower can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, chemical, building materials, mining, ports, textile, papermaking, food, medicine, environmental protection, air, pneumatic conveying, urban gas industry.