Company shut the work by the Municipal Committee of the leadership.

December 6 in the afternoon, the city closed Committee of Dong Xuesheng director, bin Kai Li, Liu Yuejie, deputy director of the rate of city closes Working Committee, the SASAC close committee leadership 11 people to our research, the leadership of the company chairman Liu, Tan secretary took part in the survey.

Research meeting chaired by the party secretary Tan, Liu, chairman of the committee to the city committee leaders introduced the company's production and operation and deepen the restructuring of the situation. Director of the company in recent years, the director of the company to carry out the work of the closed Association reported.

One is emphasis on leadership, sound organization; second is business customs union community close co integration and docking effect is good; third, according to the characteristics of the enterprise, attention is versed in culture and ideological and moral construction; the fourth is to give full play to the important role "Oro" in close co work; the fifth is related co development often and rich in content.

Ren Hongbing, director of the well and Tong community, made a supplementary report on the work of the community association.

Research meeting, the Municipal Committee of the leadership of the company 's work on the company' s clearance has been fully affirmed and praised, Li Binkai, Dong Xuesheng, the evaluation is:

1, the enterprise under the current situation, Party committee, the board will be leaders continue to care for and support the close co work commendable, the enterprise sustainable development and co work smooth and effective to carry out is not easy.

2, Guan Association in the four combination to do a lot of work;

3, enterprises close cooperation with the community close cooperation of the good;

4, according to the characteristics of the enterprise, emphasizing on culture distinctive way of education workers.

Total is the combination of four good: closed society and enterprise combined; the second is off co working with young employees of the good; the third is the co work with the characteristics of the elderly, and play the role of "Oro"; the fourth is to co work to explore new mode, business customs union community close co combined with good.

Li Binkai, Dong Xuesheng asked the accompanying personnel to seriously sum up experience, the association of our company's work in the city to promote, to explore new ways to work in the new period, the new way. At the same time, I hope the next phase of the company identify the orientation of CO, efforts to young workers and children of the workers and staff training and education, carry out the situation of various rich connotation, content and businesses closed Union Community Association have each emphasize particularly on, rely on each other, boldly explore the new mode of co work, better service enterprises to create "Five" association.

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