Do advocate work of Party members and leading cadres

To promote the company "strict three real special education activities and strive to achieve tangible results, Liu total in to the company middle-level cadres" strict three real special education party class leadership, combined with the present situation of enterprise management, emphatically points out the sales, production, technology and other leading cadres at all levels should be as the urgency and importance of what the actual work, practice the spirit of "tight".

Liu, general by citing examples of other enterprises, analyses the gaps and deficiencies in existing in the drum, he stressed: Sales Department at all levels supervisor to sink the heart, take the initiative to reach out to market first, the area outlets, looking for market opportunities, to seek new breakthroughs; production department to ensure stable production capacity, but also to pay attention to quality, cost and so on a series of questions, to go to the production site, to solve specific problems, through the bottleneck; technology sector to innovative design concept, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of products and new product trial manufacture and development, technology to seize the leading winning heights, efforts to rapidly changing market demand and development trend.

Enterprise business is real, need to grow in hard work, in the work of breakthrough. In the practice of corporate spirit of "tight", leading cadres at all levels to try to do a Soongsil leaders; to change management "sit listening to reports" for "front guide", don't get used to sit in the office orders; to condescend flutter under the body, into line, to the masses of workers, to the majority of the market, grounded, sentiments, timely control of the first-hand information, efforts to solve the operation in the presence of difficulty and focus problem, to promote the work of effectively.

General secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the building of a moderately prosperous society to rely on hard work, the basic realization of modernization to rely on hard work, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to rely on hard work." Similarly, create a "hundred year long" to rely on hard work. Drum go today, after more than sixty years of ups and downs, rely on is the cadre of leaders of all levels "command in front, the assault on the", "the scene depth, a sweat a mud" down-to-earth, solid fine style of work is they lead drum hardworking get right on the job and laid a long drum centennial. Company is currently facing severe market situation and management situation, in such a period, leading cadres at all levels to crisis in a time and tide wait for no man, sense of responsibility, sense of hardship and the sense of mission, front command, office forward, in different positions to play an active role, from the strict requirements, to the "real" focus, unite and lead the majority of employees are in the same boat, carry forward the "nail nails the spirit of" to cross the road Hom, to overcome difficulties one after another.

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