Let corporate culture become the thought of the company's reform and development

Run Shan Liu, general manager at the beginning of the company strategic human resources management consulting project start and 2015 for the first time cadres, it puts the emphasis on the importance of strengthening the construction of enterprise culture, and this started a series of discussions. Reflects the company decision-making layer on the future development direction of the drum of foresight, the importance of the construction of the enterprise culture's attention and accurate positioning.

As the saying goes, "three enterprises rely on the director, second-class enterprises rely on the system, first-class enterprise depends on the culture". Drum facing relocation development opportunity, to achieve the common vision of the "hundred years long drum, the world traveling", not all drum people like-minded, not a enterprises a powerful force, the enterprise may lose the initiative forward. Therefore, in promoting the development of drum journey to construct "harmonious and progressive and sharing weal and woe" enterprise culture construction is particularly important.

Facts have proved that enterprise development to a certain scale, rely on the "power", and the system to enterprise management sometimes appeared to be inadequate, which requires a on the outside of the power to help enterprise management and guide or restrict employee behavior, the strength should be no "power" of the force, no dignity of deterrence, no matter the lure of should be and employees can do with spiritual communication, exchange and guide, and the staff thought fit, the staff always and everywhere consciously constrained their actions not derailed, this magic is the enterprise culture.

In the tides of market economy, in industry competition consul general to come to the fore, dominate the enterprises not only the deep cultural, and has become an integral part of today's business competition is one of the important factors. GE (U.S. Ge Corp) why after a hundred years and continued to flourish, is still in the top 500 in the world? Tongrentang why not 300 years a gilded signboard? Behind the support is the corporate culture. Excellent enterprise, have a unique advanced culture, in under the guidance of these cultural, business and their members, to form a powerful cohesion, always grasp the correct direction, and towards the direction of efforts towards.

Throughout the long drum for more than sixty years of extraordinary development, step by step walking. The opportunity again and again, again and again lucky, in this hot land for the drum, drum like-minded people, not successful complacent, complacent, not because of the enterprise is immersed in trough and confused, they love enterprises proud, inherit and carry forward the kind of "shoulder hand to move, pioneering" spirit of drum is relying on decades of accumulated by the "self-improvement, love enterprises such as home" corporate culture, let everybody conscientiously into the family of the drum, heart to want, Jin to make a, the drum continues.

Now, drum is in a critical period of industrial development, the road ahead is still long and tortuous. At this time, in particular, we need to build a unified corporate culture to unite the will, unify thoughts, regulate behavior, to provide ideas for the company's reform and development to lead, quality support. If through the efforts, we have formed the excellent enterprise culture, also for rapid development of drum tomorrow to create a high-quality staff team, and the excellent enterprise culture armed employees is drum real core competitiveness. We have the core competitiveness, in order to continue to grow in the market economy, the development of long-term.

Based on this, the company put forward the important agenda of corporate culture construction, can be described as the right time. We want to actively participate in debates about the conception on the strategy of the company, and earnestly do a good job in the promotion and implementation of enterprise development strategies, and excellent cultural projects, implementation by enterprise development strategy into the transformation of the company all the staff of the programme of action, recognized by all the staff of the enterprise development strategy. So as to achieve corporate culture to promote the company's strategic objectives, to achieve economic efficiency, environmental benefits and social benefits of unity, and ultimately achieve sustainable, rapid and healthy development.

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