Strive to promote the construction of enterprise culture carefully draw on the development of the blueprint for a hundred years

March 10th afternoon, in the company's office building, the five floor of the company held a middle-level cadres meeting, the company leaders and all middle-level cadres to participate in the meeting by the Deputy Director General Chen presided over the meeting.

Liu Runshan, general manager of the first meeting of the 2015 corporate culture and management to upgrade the theme of speech. In his speech, Liu total focus on enterprise core concept and system concept of corporate vision, strategy, enterprise's core value concept and marketing concept, cost concept, talent are passionate described, the system interprets the tambourin vision of "a hundred years long drum, world traveling", "open up the low pressure areas, three plate complementary (roots, screw, centrifugal); unified sales platform, division of Jingxiu" long-term development of the enterprise strategic conception and "walk road of specialized survival, do customers trusted long-term partners, pursuit of innovation to achieve mutual cooperation" of the enterprise's core value view. To further clarify the thought of the first, action for the king of enterprise management ideas. It points out: we should companies closely linked to two concepts, focus on strengthening the building of enterprise culture, comprehensive and steadily push forward the business management of the enterprise.

Executive Vice President Chen Shuangsheng mainly explains the basic idea of "recruitment companies absorb sales personnel, technical personnel and high-quality talents. And made a "change in the structure of human resources, attract young talents to join a hundred years long drum" the theme of the speech, pointed out that the company's processes, management and control, camps are facing greater difficulties, enterprise restructuring, innovation and upgrading is imminent, the innovation and development of the drum is inseparable from the young talent to absorb and train. We should make full use of the opportunity of relocation, management, maintenance of stability, depicting a good hundred years long plan.

Tan Hong, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the 2014 assessment of cadres, and the company's staff behavior standards (Draft) and follow-up assessment of the basic ideas of the assessment of the basic ideas and interpretation. He pointed out: the advocacy, requirements, prohibit the interpretation of the three types of employee behavior standards at the same time, all employees must rectify the work attitude, change the mental outlook, regulate behavior, establish a good image of the staff.

At the meeting, the deputy chief of the company to the "2015 product quality change work" was interpreted. Focus on "the establishment of general parts quality process control card and quality inspection card, perfect control of technical quality of technology JK (JS/JL) plan, clear fine points products quality supervision and management regulations and strengthening control of parts of the storage process and put forward specific requirements.

Participants to the above meeting of the theme of the group were carefully discussed, the meeting said: the cadres will open a new precedent for the meeting - management forum. A cadre to be able to fully express their claims, to achieve the purpose of unity of thinking; the second is instilling ideas, clear direction and spread positive energy of effort; third specification and implementation of the code of conduct, let employee behavior to let the customer recognition, truly reflect the enterprise the core connotation; the fourth is the implementation of quality continuous improvement plan, steadily enhance the reputation of the products. Meeting the requirements of all staff to to tide wait for no man, only during the evening of a sense of urgency, for the realization of the drum "hundred years drum, world Changfeng" shared vision and make unremitting efforts.

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