Study on the leadership of the aircraft Limited by Share Ltd in China

On 12 August 2014, AVIC Aircraft Corporation, comprehensive planning, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Hu Changli, AVIC aircraft landing gear rack limited liability company deputy general manager he Chao Chen, senior managing Li Yangming and comprehensive plan, the legal affairs department and other department is responsible for people visit our company research, the company leadership run Shan Liu, Chen Shuangsheng, Zhou Zhongye, Shenxi, Jiangxi and so on to participate in research activities.

LiuZong representative drum company introduced the general situation of the enterprise, to report the recent business and enterprise development; Chen, general the current sales market situation in enterprises are described. Hu long line, after listening to the reports said drum after decades of development, maintain the leading position in the scale of operation and enhance the steady technology, new development ideas, measures and achievements in aviation restructuring should be, they to the future development of the enterprise recommendations:

One is to abandon the dependent mentality, on the one hand can make full use of the aircraft, the aircraft's industrial resources, build a new platform; on the other hand to overcome the state-owned enterprises in the market of degree, competition mechanism, based on independent and maintain their own characteristics and advantages, improve enterprise management, enhance operational efficiency, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.

Second is the relocation of the enterprise construction and development should be combined with energy saving and environmental protection policy and market demand, improve market sensitivity and forward-looking, the core technology for upgrading and transformation, strengthen product research and development and technical reserves, the optimized process flow and layout, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and development potential.

Three is to seize the core part, improve the collaborative supporting system, make full use of social resources, sharing of public facilities and resources from the aircraft, and seek common development.

Subsequently, Hu long, visited the boutique company, branch of gold, gold in the second branch, testing center, assembly workshop, on-site to understand the production and operation of enterprises.

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