The innovation of science and technology exploits - the first successful trial of roots of water vapor compressor


  At the beginning of the year, the company through the early careful, careful analysis of the feasibility of and fully proved, with the customer signed a roots water vapor compressor contract, contract requirements of the compressor inlet temperature reaches 100 DEG C, outlet temperature of 160 DEG C, transmission medium is water vapor.

In order to ensure the success of the project, at the top of the company attaches great importance to, technology center has established a special to chief engineer and chief technology center director of the Yellow headed, set more than the backbone of R & D and coordination with the relevant departments involved in the composition of the project team. In view of the higher requirements of the project, the project team to break the traditional consistent design ideas, to give the product a new design concept. Various departments concerted effort with careful preparation, solidarity and cooperation, only 2 months time, manufacturing success of our company first roots water vapor compressor. By mechanical test, high temperature test, simulation conditions, water vapor test and other three stages of the strict test, the product fully meet the design requirements, the end of June, the product delivered smoothly.

First sets roots water vapor compressor successfully trial produced, expand the roots technology applications, both to reduce the wastewater discharge, to achieve the water saving and recycling waste heat steam, achieve the energy-saving, environmental protection, its influence is profound, is of great significance, economic and social benefits significantly.

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