Changfeng series blower was awarded the provincial government awarded the title of famous brand in Hunan in 2011

Recently, in Hunan Province to carry out the to implement famous brand strategy and standardization strategy of quality as the main content of the revitalization of the activities, our company due to the solid advance quality to revitalize and standardization strategy, the quality of the basic work get to lay a solid foundation for further, main products overall quality and the quality of enterprise management level constantly improve, product quality, project quality, service quality has improved significantly. The "Changfeng" brand series of blower won the provincial government awarded the 2011 "Hunan famous brand" title.

In the spring tide of market economy, maintaining and nurturing, love and brand innovation, ensure "Changfeng" brand is one of the important strategic policy of the drum. To achieve full brand management, should follow the established reputation for excellence, strive for widespread support, intimacy, enhance customer trust factors, the whole value chain of the enterprise all personnel are incorporated into brand construction system, to jointly participate in the brand construction, so as to form brand together, let our brand always stand down, so that the interests of all groups closely together, which has a build strong "Changfeng" brand of magic, so that the whole system has the same goal, has a better vision, members work together, share blessed, difficult is when, for the realization of the common goal and do the force. The "Changfeng" brand to go further, fly higher.

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