Our company was 11th Five-Year national wind turbine industry standardization work advanced unit

In the recently held a "Eleventh Five Year" national fan industry standardization work summary of the meeting, because our company of fan industry standardization work effectiveness significantly and was named "Eleventh Five Year 'National fan industry standardization work advanced unit"; technology development department minister Zhu won the "Eleventh Five Year" national wind machine industry standardization work advanced worker "title of honor. Company chief engineer Huang in the meeting on behalf of the drum on the general use of Roots blower "series standard revision of the details, and Congress unanimously adopted.

As is known to all, the drum is national roots blower major scientific and technological project is mainly responsible for the units, major technical equipment supporting wind machine production enterprises and roots blower national standards drafting unit.

Early in 2010, the company standardization technotogy Committee according to the China Machinery Industry Federation machine joint secret standard [2009]192 document "on the collection 2010 machinery industry standards program notice" and the national fan standardization technotogy Committee completed in 2009 the industry standard reexamination work requirements, started the amended in our lead in the preparation of the general use of roots blower "industry standards. "JB / T 8941.1 to 8941.2-1999 generally use roots blower" although the 1999 revised to 1999.07.12 released, 2000.01.01 started the implementation of the roots blower national industry standards, but with the passage of time, roots blower design and manufacturing technology advances faster (especially Italian ROBUSHI, German AERZEN, the dresser and the international advanced level manufacturers), all kinds of efficient, energy saving, environmental protection, intelligent roots blower have come out in succession, coupled with domestic and foreign roots blower manufacturers increasing and its application field and scope expanding, rapid development of user requirements will continue to improve, computer and Artificial Intelligence Technology Association... Etc.. In view of this, the original JB/T 8941.1 ~ 8941.2-1999 standard part of the provisions and content has been unable to fully meet the requirements of existing products and modern enterprise, it is necessary to "JB/T 8941.1 ~ 8941.2-1999" standard for revision.

Successful revision of the "general purpose roots blower" industry standards, will further enhance the overall level of Roots blower, consolidate our company in Roots blower industry "leader" status, but also conducive to further enhance the quality of the products and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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