Warmly welcome China general machinery industry association leaders to visit the company

November 12, coincided with the 2010 China General Machinery Industry Association statistics work conference held in Changsha on the occasion, by the China General Machinery Industry Association vice president and Secretary General Zhang Yu leopard headed the China Machinery Industry Federation of Statistics Department Zhao Xinmin, director of the, in the pass co money Jiaxiang Deputy Secretary long and the wind turbine manufacturing backbone enterprises of the leading personnel and comprehensive statistics, more than 20 people to visit our company to guide the work. The superior leadership and manufacturers brothers Tongren listened to the company related to the leadership on enterprises in recent years the introduction of business and development situation, visited the company built the 60th anniversary of the enterprises and restructuring of the 10th anniversary of the photo exhibition, and carried out a detailed investigation into the production site, for my company over the years to get the scores were sure, especially to companies in the general environment of the global financial crisis in recent years, still maintained a strong momentum of development, kept sustained and stable development of enterprises expressed highly appreciated, and wish our company in the future development to achieve better results, in order to make a greater contribution to the revitalization of Chinese wind turbine industry.

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